Down Range - To Iraq and Back


Down Range - To Iraq and Back


By Bridget C. Cantrell, Ph.D. and Chuck Dean (2005)

Over 1 million in print.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is one of the most insidious aspects of war.  In the Foreword, Lt. Col. Grossman points out that, during WWI, WWII, and Korea, the number of soldiers pulled off the front lines as psychiatric casualties was greater than the number who died in combat.  He also goes on to say that he considers this important book by Dr. Cantrell and Chuck Dean to be vital to a warrior's survival. The book prepares the returning warrior to meet the challenges of post-war adjustment in order to survive the aftermath.  Bridget brings to this book her vast clinical experience, as well as the experience with her own father's struggle with his wartime memories from both WWII and Korea.


This compact paperback book is one of the most valuable resource materials for veteran servicemen and women past, present and future; as well as their families who are dealing with the effects of PTSD. The book is an easy read explanation of what PTSD is and more importantly, how to understand and how to deal with it. It takes a proactive approach that the combat veteran has to understand that having PTSD is something that can be dealt with effectively and managed. It is a wealth of resource materials identifying places and organizations that veterans and their families can turn to and utilize in the struggle of dealing with PTSD and that the are not alone. This book should be made a mandatory part of any debriefing materials for active service personnel departing any war zone. This book would also be valuable for hundreds of thousands of Vietnam Veterans still trying to cope with the effects of their PTSD symptoms 35 and 40 years after after the stressor situation of combat. I would encourage everyone who reads this work to expose it for what it is.... “simply a wonderful and important contribution to helping servicemen and women survive the emotional effects of combat.”
— Online Book Review
I personally want to thank you for your generosity. For about a year I gave out “Down Range” to veterans and also read it myself. The vets appreciate knowing someone cares (you) and that there is a way through PTSD. The veterans I was able to see again after they read your book expressed so much relief to know they are not crazy. I am an RN in the PTSD outpatient clinic who primarily does triage. Most of the people I see are experiencing anxiety, stress, hopelessness or grief. I listen as they tell their story and bear witness to their horror, grief and pain. Once they are heard then the way is cleared for insight and learning which also comes from the veteran. The words you have written are a large part of veterans regaining hope and strength. Thanks again.
— Pamela L, BSN RN
While at an event a few weeks ago with the Marine Reserve in Yakima, a rear-det officer held up your book “Down Range” in front of a gymnasium full of service members and their families and said it helped save him after he returned from theater, and encouraged everyone there to read it, too. The testimonials are many, and your work is God’s...
— Lisa