Souls under Siege


Souls under Siege


The Effects of Multiple Troop Deployments — and How To Weather the Storm

Bridget C. Cantrell, Ph.D. (2009)

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In this fine book, Dr. Cantrell considers our men and women in combat, who literally "see no end to the fighting" as they "go through the revolving door of seemingly endless combat tours." Dr. Cantrell has found, and it has been proven, that men and women on their third and fourth deployments have much greater rates if mental health challenges than those in their first or second assignments. The wear and tear on the families is tremendous as they go through the upheaval brought on by these circumstances. This book offers tools to help deal with these stressors and the pressures of multiple deployments.


I just read your Souls Under Siege book and broke down. When I stopped crying, I wrote this email. I, frankly, feel like you get it. I’ve walked out of two psychologists offices already because they were either elitist or just didn’t care.
— Jennifer Capt, USAF Reserve
Your books “Once a Warrior – Wired for Life” and “Down Range to Iraq and Back” have revealed to me that I do not have a mental disorder. I am grateful to both of you for that. I will be 68 in August and I just found out that I have not been nuts all of these years. I always thought that PTSD was an excuse. I didn’t take much stock in that line of thinking. [...] Your books have inspired me to want to help other vets in any way I can.
— A veteran