Workshop: Once a Warrior - Wired for Life


Workshop: Once a Warrior - Wired for Life


By Bridget C. Cantrell, Ph.D. with Chuck Dean (2007)

1 complete course includes 10 Participant Workbooks

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We present this course to you and invite your organization or group to join with us in facilitating it across the nation. You can order all the course materials right here online so you can help support the military families near you. 

If you'd like Dr. Cantrell to facilitate this workshop for your group or organization please contact her.

About this Workshop

Following closely the concepts of her book, Once a Warrior: Wired for Life, Dr. Bridget Cantrell has formulated this interactive guide in fifteen practical steps. It is an easy-to-follow workbook course geared to assist military personnel in utilizing their tremendous potential in achieving success and happiness after military service. It highlights a fulfilling path on the journey from Warrior to Civilian. Warriors and loved ones alike will benefit significantly as they participate in this much needed process of coming home after a tour of duty is over.

The Once a Warrior Wired for Life workshop is a structured awareness course revealing various ways warriors and their partners/family change during military separation. It provides them with effective coping techniques ensuring a smooth transition in regards to their communication and intricate relationship-building methods after returning from a war zone. It is also designed to encourage healthy interactions and discussions in a group setting and help them work together in dealing with critical issues they may face before and after the deployment(s).

When and How to Make a Referral: Know your strengths and limitations when it comes to supporting your military personnel and their families.


After your workshop today one person who came out of the room and was talking to Toby said, “She gets it. I don’t know how she does because she’s not military, but she does and that makes all the difference.” It was an interesting conversation between Toby and that particular young Veteran. You’re incredible to witness interacting Bridget. You’re fun, funny, respectful and so caring. I feel very blessed to have connected with you not only for the professional knowledge you share, but for who you are as a person. You’re a true gem of the world.
— Workshop Participant