Once a Warrior - Wired for Life


Once a Warrior - Wired for Life


By Bridget C. Cantrell, Ph.D. & Chuck Dean (2007)

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Dr. Cantrell and Mr. Dean tackle the difficult path of transitioning warriors back into civilian life.  This book illustrates how to turn negatives into positives. They present sound advice to assist highly trained military personnel to use their tremendous potential after leaving military service.  The book highlights the path along the way to transitioning from warrior to civilian and emphasizes the next step in the process to coming home.


My fiance started reading your book Once A Warrior and it seems like he is reanalyzing things which is cool. He also has started to see the changes I am making just after reading Down Range. Now reading this book there are topics like survival surveillance and adrenaline that hit home too. Your books really are helping me get through a lot of stress.
— Jessica
Your books “Once a Warrior – Wired for Life” and “Down Range to Iraq and Back” have revealed to me that I do not have a mental disorder. I am grateful to both of you for that. I will be 68 in August and I just found out that I have not been nuts all of these years. [...] Your books have inspired me to want to help other vets in any way I can.
— A retired Major

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Workshop: Once a Warrior - Wired for Life

By Bridget C. Cantrell, Ph.D. with Chuck Dean (2007)

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